Singer 201-2: zig-zag attachment

How does one sew a zig-zag on a straight-stitch only machine (ex, my Singer 201-2)?

With a specially-made attachment!

I purchased mine off of Ebay, since I couldn't find anything locally (these are not very common -- not extraordinarily rare, but I just haven't seen these locally), plus this one was in great condition.  No missing pieces, boxes all there, original instructions too!

The templates are easier to swap out than the ones in my buttonholer:

The top pops open!  The buttonholer has to be removed to swap things out.  Which isn't unreasonable -- how often do you have to sew multiple sizes of button holes on the same garment? 

It does attach very similarly to a buttonholer, ie there's an arm that rests on the needle bar, and it screws in like any other foot does. 

It's a lot quieter than my buttonholer, I think. Here's all the designs:

Add-on templates
Original templates
The second picture has a few different stitch/bight options for the second from the left template.  Rows two, three, and four of that picture are the same template, but different options!

Zig-zagger in slow motion:

And finally, you can swap back and forth between zig-zag and straight stitching without removing the attachment!  If you push this lever arm forward, you can straight stitch.  If you push it back, you'll be zig-zagging. 


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