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Showing posts from May, 2020

A venture into spinning fiber into yarn

I've been knitting for the majority of my life, but always bought yarn ready-to-knit, as most knitters probably do.  I have wondered about spinning my own yarn, but I've never really wanted to either buy a drop spindle (very slow?) or buy a wheel (expensive!).  And I kept telling myself I had more than enough yarn already, so I shouldn't need to spin my own yarn.  Well, based on this post's title, I bet you can figure out what happened.  I bought an electric eel!  Not the animal, but the spinning wheel.  They're mini e-spinners made by Dreaming Robots , and meant to be affordable and portable wheels.   Update: I made a YouTube video about the EEW Nano ! 

What to do with an awkward quilt backing: turn it into a robe

I've wanted to make myself a robe for a while.  I can't stand the texture of the fluffy robes I found everywhere I looked though.  I found this great tutorial at Melly Sews a while ago.  And I sort of held onto it for a while. After all, a robe isn't really a "need", much more of a "want".  Around the same time, Iordered this quilt backing from Missouri Star Quilt Company to make myself a weighted blanket:   But when it arrived, I realized that I had made a mistake.