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Knot bag, present for Mom!

Continuing the theme of hand-sewing: I made a knot bag for my mom's birthday present.  They're bags with two handles -- one is longer than the other, and can be threaded through the shorter one to close the bag and form a "knot".  The completed knot bag. (Pattern from Indigobirddesign on Etsy).

"A warm hug": also known as "hand quilting takes forever"

My parent's Christmas present was quite a time sink. I've always enjoyed making things -- I started knitting during elementary school, crochet shortly after.  Sewing and embroidery followed soon after, and other creative explorations into woodworking, origami, and weaving. Lately I've found I really enjoy hand-sewing... things.  Like clothing, bags, or quilts. I decided, in early November 2019, that I wanted to make a quilt for my parents for Christmas.  And I did some quick math and decided that I could possibly, probably, hand quilt it in time for Christmas. So I did.