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Shooting on film (but, why?)

Sometimes, doing something the hard way (and for significantly more time and money) is the way to go.  Probably.   Long story short, film YouTube convinced me to try shooting film.  People were having fun, talked about how different the experience was versus shooting digitally, etc.  I was also really enjoying my instant photo printer (which I wrote about here ), which kind of adds an old-school aesthetic to prints.  I did some basic research and found that buying a used film camera off eBay wouldn't actually be too expensive.  So I got one!  The first roll revealed the camera had some pretty significant light leaks:    Even though it's unusable as an image, there's still something about the look that a digital camera and lots of post-processing would struggle to replicate.   And I "get" film now.  

LA Pride Parade 2023

The LA pride parade seems like it might be a new tradition for me.  Last year, I found myself in northern Los Angeles right before the parade started, and was free the rest of the day.  So at the last minute, I decided to go.  I found myself wanting a real camera (not just my phone) and a bottle of water and sunscreen.  But I enjoyed myself thoroughly anyway.   This year I was slightly better prepared.  Brought two cameras to overcompensate for a lack of camera last year, and a bottle of water.  I skipped the sunscreen though.  It was fairly overcast, so I was not punished for my blatant disrespect of our nearest star.