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I bought a Silver Reed SK10 and SR10 knitting machine!

I've been considering a CSM (circular sock machine) for a while, but my budget has kept me from buying one.  I really want the ability to crank out sock snakes and hand-finish the heels and toes.  I discounted flat-bed machines because how would you knit in the round on a flat-bed machine?  And then I stumbled on a post that said you can in fact knit in the round, or, knit tubular as machine knitters are more likely to say, on a flat-bed machine.  The secret?  A ribbing attachment!  (Or a double bed machine, but those are fairly rare). 
So I started the hunt for a knitting machine and ribbing attachment.  I found the perfect machine for me a few weeks ago.  Here it is knitting a ribbed cowl:

I now have a tiny YouTube channel, for no particular reason

Channel: Mirith
I've always wanted to make YouTube videos, but haven't really acted on that desire.  I think the main blocker to actually making those videos was not knowing what my niche would be.  But after some recent thought, it's fairly clear that fiber crafts are my "niche".  Knitting, spinning, crochet, even quilting and sewing, are integral parts of my life.  
Another issue with video creation was that I also don't have a suitable camera for video, and was always intimidated by the idea of "video editing" -- my personal laptop is a powerhouse for word processing and web surfing, not video manipulation.    But after the "content niche" realization, I had a couple other realizations.  My phone's tendency to overheat and shut off after a three minute video could be worked around with shorter videos stitched together.  And my work computer is much more powerful than my personal one, and is also a Macbook, so it has iMovie availabl…

Spinning yarn: lots of pictures of handspun!

It's been over a month since I got my Nano wheel and I've spun a lot of yarn since then! 

(I also made an instagram for yarn-y things: mirith_yarn).

Companies/shops I bought fiber from:

What I've made so far, in reverse chronological order:

A venture into spinning fiber into yarn

I've been knitting for the majority of my life, but always bought yarn ready-to-knit, as most knitters probably do.  I have wondered about spinning my own yarn, but I've never really wanted to either buy a drop spindle (very slow?) or buy a wheel (expensive!).  And I kept telling myself I had more than enough yarn already, so I shouldn't need to spin my own yarn. 

Well, based on this post's title, I bet you can figure out what happened. 

I bought an electric eel! 

Not the animal, but the spinning wheel.  They're mini e-spinners made by Dreaming Robots, and meant to be affordable and portable wheels.  
Update: I made a YouTube video about the EEW Nano

What to do with an awkward quilt backing: turn it into a robe

I've wanted to make myself a robe for a while.  I can't stand the texture of the fluffy robes I found everywhere I looked though. 

I found this great tutorial at Melly Sews a while ago.  And I sort of held onto it for a while. After all, a robe isn't really a "need", much more of a "want". 

Around the same time, Iordered this quilt backing from Missouri Star Quilt Company to make myself a weighted blanket:

But when it arrived, I realized that I had made a mistake.  

Ektelon Model H: necessary pieces

Now that I've strung a grand total of one tennis rackets, I feel entirely qualified to write this post and tell the internet the necessary pieces one should ensure a stringing machine (glide-bar style) has before one purchases said machine. 

Obviously, the above was sarcasm.  I am not very qualified, and any advice you take here is advice taken at your own risk. 

Anyway, on to the advice.  Please enjoy this lovely diagram with some very official labeling:

If you're looking for a glide bar machine and it has all of the pieces you see there, you're probably in good shape! 

Ektelon Model H: a happy purchase

I play a lot of tennis.  At least, I played a lot of tennis, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit.  Then instead of tennis, I spent my weekends inside catching up on sewing projects, playing unhealthy amounts of video games, and wishing I was outside on a court.

I've subscribed to Tennis Channel, read Brad Gilbert's Winning Ugly, and listened to other fellow tennis players talk about jumping fences to sneak a couple sets in from time to time. 

And then, while browsing NextDoor, I saw a post for a stringing machine (many sections censored, because internet).