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Thrifting for yarn, but in sweater form!

About a week ago, I went to a couple local thrift stores and bought some clothing.  Not too unusual, right?  But I didn't really look at size, color, or general style of the items I bought.  I only bought knit fabrics with a particular type of seam, and with what I deemed a "good" fiber content. I found four pieces of clothing (two cardigans, one sweater, and a dress) that fit my criteria.  I was hoping to find more, but four turned out to be quite enough! You see, yarn is quite expensive.  I knit quite a bit, and that requires a sizeable stash of yarn.  When the amount of quality yarn it takes to knit a hat hits about $25, the amount of yarn I would need to make a shawl or sweater makes me uneasy (hint: easily over $100).