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First (ish) roll from my new to me Kalimar SR200

A few weeks ago, I got a Helios 44 lens, which happened to be attached to a Kalimar SR200/Zenit E camera.  The seller wasn't sure the camera worked, but mechanically, it seemed to function.  The light meter even seemed to work!   The first roll I shot in the camera came out totally blank.  Which was disappointing.  I think the issue is the film holder is very fiddly, either from wear or age.  But I'm happy to report that the second roll was totally fine!  I got 32 photos, despite the back being opened once accidentally during rewinding...

Maybe I'll keep that zoom lens after all...

 I overlooked a couple things when testing that vintage telephoto lens from my last post.   1) The included extension tubes!   2) My micro four thirds camera!  

Helios 44-2: chasing the swirl

 I got a new (to me) lens!   And a bonus film camera.  (and two bonus vintage telephoto lenses!)