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Hanbok-inspired skirt

I made a hanbok last weekend.  Originally I had wanted to hand-sew the full hanbok, but I realized it wasn't bringing me any extra happiness, so I machine-sewed it. This weekend I decided I actually did want to hand-sew something, and I wanted something hanbok-like I could wear in public a bit easier, so I took a 1.5 yard piece of fabric, and turned it into a chima-inspired skirt: Tied with an otkorum!

Singer 201-2: where the cabinet came from (hint: another Singer!)

My 201-2 currently lives in a sewing machine cabinet.  These cabinets were made to look like regular furniture, but actually house a full sewing machine. Just a regular desk and stool... Right?  

Singer 201-2: sewing on a machine older than my parents

I am trying to cultivate a "buy-it-for-life" mindset.  When I was looking into sewing machines, I found plenty of machines that seemed to be in my price range ($100-150) with decent reviews.  I wasn't expecting a powerhouse of a machine, but if I was spending a hundred dollars on it, I wanted it to last a while.  But as I dug deeper into reviews, I kept seeing things like "this machine broke after x months of use, and it can't be repaired since it's completely plastic on the inside".  (Plastic consumption/its widespread use is a whole 'nother issue).  I couldn't justify spending over a hundred dollars on a chunk of plastic that would break and become unrepairable

Singer 201-2: Buttonholer attachment

Button holes can be done by hand.  But... you might make the button hole too small or too big, and there's probably lots of them to do!  If only there was a quick way to do button holes on a straight-stitch only machine... Well, there actually is! You'll need a very specific attachment though.  ( How I got mine ). The buttonholer is a marvelous thing.  It's very loud (clack-clack-clack) but produces amazingly consistent button holes.  And it manages to do it on a straight-stitch only machine!

Singer 201-2: zig-zag attachment

How does one sew a zig-zag on a straight-stitch only machine (ex, my Singer 201-2 )? With a specially-made attachment!