Singer 201-2: where the cabinet came from (hint: another Singer!)

My 201-2 currently lives in a sewing machine cabinet.  These cabinets were made to look like regular furniture, but actually house a full sewing machine.

Just a regular desk and stool... Right?

The cabinets weren't made for a single model specifically, rather each cabinet had a range of machines it could fit inside.  Mine didn't come in a cabinet, so I wanted to buy one.  The cabinets are a good place to store the sewing machines, and also provide a larger flat surface for sewing, since the cabinet ensures the machine's bed is level with the table.

Surprise sewing machine!
The cabinet took me a long time to find, because I was being kind of picky.

I was looking through all four of my local thrift stores almost weekly, plus scouring Craigslist and Facebook Free/For Sale, plus looking through garage sales.  I found a couple cabinets that were in pretty meh condition for a pretty "oh wow" price (not in a good way) and passed them up.

Then I found a fairly inconspicuous advertisement on Craigslist.  The way the advertisement was written, I guessed whoever selling it had no idea what they had.

It had a picture of two pairs of pinking shears, scissors, a buttonholer... plus an immaculate-looking cabinet with a Singer in it.  I hadn't really been in the market for a buttonholer, but wouldn't pass up the opportunity to get one (especially at $30 for everything!). 

When I arrived to buy it my suspicion was confirmed.  The house was in a mobile home community with mostly older residents, and it looked like the house was being gutted so it could be sold.  I'm guessing the previous owner passed away and their children were getting things in order.

Whoever the previous owner was took very good care of their possessions though.  I say this because though everything was well-used, the only thing missing was one of the buttonholer cams.  The thumb screw was still there though, and that's usually the piece that goes missing!  The original manual is in great shape as well. 

I'm thankful to have found all this and am trying to put it all to good use. 

Feet, buttonholer, cams, shears, scissors, manual
The original 15-91 in its original cabinet:
It's easy to swap machines out of cabinets -- the only tricky part is how heavy they are.  Ideally you have a second person hold the machine while you screw/unscrew things, but it's doable with one person!

The 15-91 is not in as great shape as my 201-2 -- the wiring is a lot more suspect and I haven't plugged it in.  A great weekend project would be to re-wire the entire machine, as I've got all the pieces and it's fairly simple to do.  It's sitting in a display cabinet in my dining room till I can get it up and running. 


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