Sunset Carousel: the shawl that still isn't done

Well.  It's been a week and I'm still knitting away.  By my estimates, I still have about 12 hours of knitting!  I am doing a different border than the pattern calls for, but after adding a whole new section to the shawl, swapping in a different border doesn't seem all that heinous. 

This new border is being knit on perpendicularly to the shawl body.  

It's an 8-row pattern that I kind of made up by smashing some other patterns together and tweaking them.  
Originally I was just going to use the border from Renewal.  But I got about 30 pattern repeats in and realized I was going through yarn too quickly.  I would have run out about halfway through the border, unfortunately, so had to change my plans.  
I did really like how it looked!  

It's a very pretty border, and I want to knit it onto something later.  Just didn't have enough yarn this time round. 
This is the border I settled on*:

 *I actually shifted the first portion by one row so the YOs line up a little nicer.  

Anyway, as I was unraveling the first border, I had a lot of time to think about the border design.  I really liked the triangle-shaped edging on the border of Renewal, and decided to preserve that.  I also switched to a YO-bind off instead of the standard cable one, and am happy with that decision.  

Since I knew I was short by 40% or so of the yarn, I decided to see if I could come up with a border that used 50% of the stitches that Renewal's border used.  Which meant I had about 6 stitches to play with.  I settled on a narrow band from The Japanese Knitting Bible, but made it fully stockinette instead of having one row of garter.  

I ended up having to also twist a stitch between this narrow band and the triangles from Renewal.  

A rough chart: 

I think this could be simplified, ie some symbols could be combined with a clearer guideline on if this chart is to be interpreted from RS only or row-by-row...


Some quick math told me I had 931 live stitches on the main body of the shawl.  I "bind off" one of those stitches on every other row of the border.  So I need to knit 1862 rows to bind off all 931 stitches.  1862 divided by an 8-row pattern means almost 233 pattern repeats. Every 8 rows takes me about 4.5 minutes to knit.  Let's say 5 minutes for simplicity of calculations... 

5 minutes times 233 pattern repeats = 1,165 minutes = 19.4 hours.  

I have currently knit 90/233 pattern repeats.  143 repeats to go!  715 minutes or 11.9 hours of knitting! 

My current average over the last three days is about 25 triangles.  So that's just about 6 more days of knitting.  

I am still enjoying the knitting, at least.  Haven't gotten the urge to cast on a new project, though I did order some Turkish spindles that I'm excited about! 


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