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Spinning yarn: lots of pictures of handspun!

It's been over a month since I got my Nano wheel and I've spun a lot of yarn since then! 

(I also made an instagram for yarn-y things: mirith_yarn).

Companies/shops I bought fiber from:

What I've made so far, in reverse chronological order:

700 yards, chain-plied, laceweight silk/wool blend.  Smoldering Fire from Three Waters Farm.

Worsted-weight alpaca/silk from Upstream Alpacas, in the Silver Chalice colorway. 
Hand-woven scarf from the alpaca/silk handspun.  Gave it to my mom!

Sport-weight two-ply, Paradise Fibers' "Wisteria". 

Super soft alpaca from Upstream Alpacas, in the Winter Gorge colorway.  Fractal-plied. 
Handwoven scarf from the above handspun yarn.  Cottolin weft from Gist yarns. 
Wool chain-plied, "Granada" from beesybeefibers on Etsy. 

Undyed wool yarn, from beesybeefiber on Etsy. 


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